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General Trailer builds its transfer dumps the same way the company has secured its reputation...Building the Best, Repairing the Rest.

Strength, reliability and first-rate engineering make every General transfer a piece of equipment that will help keep you on the road.  Top notch engineering makes the General's equipment the strongest and lightest on the road which means you haul larger payloads.

Standard Specifications

Trailer Available in 2, 3, or 4-Axle Models

Transfer Truck Box

15' Transfer Type Box

Single Telescopic Hoist, Custom 6" 4-Stage, Exterior Mount with Bail

3/16" AR 400 Plate Steel Sides and 3/16" T-1 Steel Floor

3/16" AR 400 Plate Steel Tailgate, with two 4" x 14" air lift cylinders, double hinged assembly, transfer part of tailgate need not be raised to dump truck body, air actuated lock cylinders

Hydraulic Pump and Power Take-off, with tank on truck

Track for Trailer Box

Controls for Hydraulics

Premier #690 Hitch (drive-a-way type)

ICC Sealed Beam Lights

Painted Your Colors and Installed

Transfer Trailer

Center Frame, Hi-Tensile and T-1 Steel

Jost Fifth Wheel Turntable

Drawbar for Transfer Use, approximately 22' 3" long

Airbag to Lift Drawbar, with control at hitch eye of drawbar

3-Leaf Hutchens Suspension

22,000 lb. Rated Axles

16 " x 7" Brakes, 4515 Lining, "Q" Style Shoes, Covers on Cams, Oil Seals and Axle Hubs, Outboard Drums, Aluminum 10-Hole Hubs

Automatic Slack Adjusters

ICC Sealed Beam Lights

16-ply Radial Tires

Aluminum Wheels, machine finish

Hydraulic Motor, with chain drive to move trailer box

Aluminum Fenders, Aluminum Diamond Plate Deck Plates, front and rear

Self-contained Battery to Operate Lights when Parked


15' 6" Trailer Box

3/16" AR 400  and 3/16" AR 400 Floor

Heavy-duty Rollers and Shafts

ICC Sealed Beam Lights

Painted Your Colors and Installed

General Trailer

Building the Best...Repairing the Rest