General Trailer

25-Ton, Triple Axle, Tilt-Deck Trailer



Construction: (Standard Features)

  Main Frame:  Dual wide flange beams full pierced frame construction.

  Dual Steps:  On A-frame to allow deck access from left or right.

  Cross Members:  Located on 18" centers.

  Guides:  Four (4) Knee brace type guides to ensure tilt bed alignment.

  Side Rail:  Constructed from 7" x 9.8# channels.  Under ride protection.

  Decks:  Full length Planks, 2-1/4" avg. solid fir flooring.

  Hydraulics:  2-3" cushioning cylinders for maximum deck stability.

  Traction lugs.

  Deck Lock:  Pneumatic deck locking system, along with secondary safety lock bar.

  Built-in chain / binder bin

  Hitch:  Three (3) mounting positions (18-1/2", 23", 27-1/2") with 3" eye adjustable.

  Landing Gear:  Two (2) speed drop leg with side crank.

  Tie Down Pockets:  Three (3) per side on tilt deck; two (2) per side on stationary deck.

Axles / Wheels / Brakes / Tires

  Axles:  Dexter 22,500 lbs. oil bath

  Brakes:  12-1/4" x 7-1/2" S-cam air with auto slack adjusters & ABS, spring brakes on all axles. 

  Suspension:  Hutch, 66,000 lbs. 3-leaf springs.

  Tires:  215/75R 17.5 16PR

  Rims:  6.75 x 17.5 disc 10-bolt Powder Coated


  All painted surfaces are sand blasted, primed and finished with high grade automotive paint.

  3M reflective striping as per DOT standard.


  Electrical:  Phillips waterproof modular wiring harness

  Lighting:  All lights are rubber mounted, with easy pop in / out replacement.

  Trailer is equipped with mid-turn signals for additional safety

Dimensions / Weights

  Tilt Deck:  8'-6" width x 26'-0" length

  Stationary Deck:  8'-6" width x 5'0" length

  Deck Height:  36-1/2" (Light)

  12 degree load angle

  Payload:  50,000 lbs.

  Curb Weight:  12,000 lbs.

  GVWR:  62,000 lbs.


  Spare tire (shown in image).

  Spare tire carrier.

  Custom tie downs.