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Stinger Steer Log Trailer

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Classic Design and Proven Performance makes the Peerless or General Log Trailer the most popular log hauling trailer in the logging industry.

Standard Specifications - General or Peerless Log Trailer

8' 6' Knife Edge or Channel Bunk, with Teflon Rub Irons

60" T-1 Steel Pocket Top Stakes

15" Cup and Saucer with Teflon Liner

Air or Electric Scales

7 x 9 x 26' Reach, with Compensator Head and Reach Rings and Bail Latch

Rubber Bushed Spring or Walking Beam Suspension

22,000 lb., Rated Axles

16 x 7" Braked, 4515 Lining, "Q" Style Shoes, Shelby Tubing on Cams, Stemco Oil Seals on Axle Hubs, Outboard Drums, 10-Hole Hubs, Dust Covers

Automatic Slack Adjusters

(8) 24.5 x 8.25 Steel Wheels

(8) 11 x 24.5 16-Ply Radial Tires

ICC Sealed Beam Lights

Spring Loaded Flap Brackets, with black General Trailer or Peerless flaps

Lift Strap

Painted Your Color

General Trailer 

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