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Short Logger Conversion Frame

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General designed this trailer for fast and easy conversion from long logs to short logger, increasing hauling capacity and versatility.

The unit attaches between the bunks of existing truck / trailer long loggers and allows economical hauling of short logs without the need to purchase regular short log trailers and truck equipment.

Existing scales are unaffected by installation and the conversion frame can be removed as easily as unloading a long log trailer.

Standard Specifications

T-1 Steel and Hi-Tensile Steel Construction

32' or 35' Frame Length

General Fabricated T-1 Steel Frame and Hi-Tensile Steel Frame, with 3" camber

(2) T-1 Steel 8' or 8' 6" Quick Change Mounted Bunks with 60" solid pocket top stakes

12' from Bunk to Bunk

Frame attaches to the Truck Bunk and Log Trailer Bunk Quickly by Chain

Existing Scales are Unaffected by this Installation

Frame Fitted to Your Log Truck

Estimated Weight 4,250 lbs.

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