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General's complete line of lowboys are built to endure the punishment of heavy loads and daily work.

General's line of lowboys include:

  40-50 ton Double Drop

  60 ton Heavy Hauler

  80 ton Capacity Hauler, the King of Payloads

And of course, we offer you added flexibility with our goosenecks, boosters, and jeeps to increase your carrying capacity.

Standard Specifications


  Custom Construction Using Quality T-1 Steel



  Large Steel Strut Jockey Boxes, D-Rings and Tie Down Bars


New General 8' Wide Jeep, T-1 Steel Construction

  (2) Pin Settings in Gooseneck

  (2 or 3) 25,000 lb. Rated Axles

  Automatic Slack Adjusters

  ICC Sealed Beam Lights

  53 inch Heavy Duty Holland Sliding Fifth Wheel

  GTC Rubber Bushed Walking Beam Suspension, on Two Rear Axles

  Optional Watson Air Lift Suspension, on Front Axle

  5 x 7 Stinger, Removable for Hitch and Flaps

  Weight 7,500 lbs.


New General 60 or 80Ton, T-1 Steel Lowboy, 9' Wide, 2 or 3 Axles

  (3) Pin Settings on Gooseneck, Drop-in Pin

  All Hydraulic General type Removable Gooseneck, with (2) Cylinders on Gooseneck and with Double Acting Cylinders, with Controls for Each Cylinder

  Gooseneck Hinges Between First and Second Pin

  9' Wide Drop Deck

  Hitch in Rear Bumper for Dual Axle Hydraulic Booster

  Heavy Duty Swing-out type or Lift-out type Outriggers

  ICC Truck-Lite 40 Lights, with Cluster in Bumper

  11' Wide Including Outriggers

  Rear Bumper is 38" Maximum from Ground to Top of Bumper for Loading Over Rear, if desired.

  Weight 20,000+ lbs., depending on options 


New General 4AWB Rear Dual Axle Booster

  43,000 lb. Capacity

  (5) Pin Settings (from 22,000 lbs. to 43,000 lbs.)

  All Self-contained Hydraulics

  10 gal. Nitrogen Accumulator

  T-1 Steel Frame

  Booster will Pick Up off the Ground, with its own hydraulics for backing up or turning around.

  Painted Your Color

  Weight 7,500 lbs.

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