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General Load Boosters were developed to meet the needs of heavy haulers who are increasingly faced with greater loading requirements and more stringent highway laws. Hydraulically operated nitrogen accumulator, closed circuit systems take the worry and work out of the operation.

Standard Specifications

Rear Dual Axle Booster for Lowbeds, Mobile Cranes, Shovels, and Mobile Carriers

Self contained hydraulics with 10-gallon capacity accumulator, does not need hydraulics from truck and does not require recharging.

Five load settings: 22,000 lbs., 27,000 lbs., 32,000 lbs., 39,000 lbs., 43,000 lbs.

Sturdy, single pin connection to trailer using 3 7/16 inch diameter high-alloy pin. Rubber bushed walking beam suspension eliminates lubrication.

Double acting pump allows booster to be lifted off the ground for backing and maneuvering.

New General 4AWB Rear Dual Axle Booster

43,000 lb. Capacity

(5) Pin Settings (from 22,000 lbs. to 43,000 lbs.)

3  7/16 inch Pin, Jaws 18" apart

All Self-contained Hydraulics

10 gal. Nitrogen Accumulator

Gas Stays in the System and Does Not have to be Recharged After Using Each Time

2-Way Hydraulic Hand Pump, with Air Pump to Assist

T-1 Steel Frame

ICC Truck-Lite 40 Sealed Beam Lights

GTC Rubber Bushed Walking Beam Suspension

(2) KB-7 25,000 lb. Rated Axles, 72 inch Axle Track

16 inch x 7 inch Brakes, 4515 Lining, Shelby Tubing on Cams, Stemco Oil Seals on Axles, Outboard Drums, "Q" Style Shoes, Automatic Slack Adjusters

(8) 24.5 x 8.25 Hi-Tensile Steel Wheels

(8) 11 x 24.5 16-ply Radial Tires

Booster Will Pick Up Off the Ground, with its own hydraulics for backing up or turning around.

Painted Your Color

Weight 7,500 Lbs.


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