General Trailer



Classic Design, proven performance and a flat out rugged piece of equipment makes the General Log Trailer the most
popular log hauling trailer in the logging industry. General's heavy duty construction and suspension, built out of the
finest, lightest materials possible means you'll haul the maximum payload out of the woods and to the mill with every

Standard Specifications

All T-1 Steel and A-36 Steel Construction

Center Frame Type

Chain Boxes

Heavy-Duty 2-Stage Landing Gear, with wide pads

Optional Flotation Bar

(4) T-1 Steel 102 inch Inverted Bunks, with 60 inch pocket top stakes

Fixed Hutch Suspension or 72 inch Slider

Optional Air Suspension, with scales

Electronic Scales on Suspensions

(2) 22,000 pound Rated Axles (8) 11 x 24.5 16-Ply Radial Tires

(8) 24.5 x 8.25 Steel Wheels

16 inch x 7 inch Brakes, 4515 Lining, "Q" Style Shoes, Tubing on Cams, Oil Seals, Outboard Brake Drums

Automatic Slack Adjusters

Sealed Beam Lights

Painted Your Color

Weight 10,800 pounds