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General's Rear Pin-on Third Axle

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General's Rear Pin-on Third Axle

  T-1 Steel Frame, 22,000# Capacity (Maximum with Four Tires)

  3-7/16" Pin, Jaws 24" Apart

  (1) Non-Adjustable Pin Setting

  (1) 22,500# Rated Axle, 72" Track

  Air-Ride / Air-Lift Suspension

  16-1/2" x 7" Brakes, 4515 Lining, "Q" Style Shoes, Automatic Slack Adjusters, Stemco Oil Seals

  General MSL 16-Ply Tires & Steel Wheels

  Sealed Beam Tail Lights and Clearance Lights

  10' 0" Wheel Base from Front Trailer Hubs to Booster Hub

  Pin to Hub of Booster - 43"

  Painted Hangers with Black G.T.C. Flaps

  Painted Your Color

  Estimated Weight = #2,200 (Without Tires & Wheels)